Wednesday, 29 August 2012

'Off the Mark'

Well its raining stair rods outside and I've been threatening to do this for long enough, so todays the day. I've created a blog if for nothing else than to record the myriad of thoughts and nonsense that rattles around in my brain day in, day out!  So seeing as family, fishing, photography and holidays are my daily diversions from the routine that is work, it follows that should this blog flow, here after, its likely to be a jumble of the above. Or for that matter what ever else is bugging me at the time!

One from last week - Daybreak - 'Tween Bridges Wind Farm' Thorne

Straight out of the camera, other than cropping no pp, the colours were out of this world and lasted 10  minutes!
As its so miserable today, I've posted my first pic of a sunrise last week, I don't do a bundle on sunrises as normally I'm tucked up asleep, however I was up and about and for once had a camera in the car.

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