Tuesday, 4 September 2012

Weekend Away

Making the most of a lovely late summer forecast, we hooked up the caravan, bundled in the dogs and shot off to North Somercotes on the East coast. We like it there, we stay on a lovely little site, Oasis Lakes,  with great fishing, more importantly its near to the beach at Donna Nook where the dogs can run for miles and your always in with a chance of seeing some decent birds (feathered of course!)

I was that knackered Friday evening after my turn of nights, any thoughts of getting the fishing rods out in anger fast disappeared after the first beer, I was quite content to doze in my chair doing nowt at all!

Saturday was fairly dismal in the morning, grey and dull, so we went in to Louth to stock up on some goodies. We find Louth almost unique these days, you can park your car in the centre without feeling like some environmental criminal and despite the presence of a large supermarket, small shops thrive because people can get to them. The little cheese shop is a must, as is the butchers, bakers, green grocers, market and all the other independents which still retain individuality and character. We used 7 different shops and didn't go near the supermarket and it was busy, brilliant to see. I couldn't help but compare it to Fort William which we visited in May. One huge supermarket and a pedestrianised street with a whisky shop, numerous outdoor clothing places all selling the same over priced items and a plethero of charity shops, a soul less bloody place, thank god for the outstanding beauty around it! What ever Louth Town Council is doing different to the rest of us, I hope they carry on with it and keep showing the way.

I didn't fish Saturday either, the lakes were busy and I couldn't do with it, the light was poor as well so the cameras stayed in the bag. I saw an egret at Saltfleet of all places, bizarre! Highlight of the day was the old chap next door turning up with his caravan. It had one of these motor movers on it, we were treated to an adult version of robot wars as it zipped around the site, far more entertaining than watching folks put an awning up. 15 minutes it took to manoeuvre with inch precision, god knows how long the battery lasts! In this time I'd have had the awning half way up? We'd brought loads of wine so that took care of the evening!

Sunday was lovely, down on the beach at Donna Nook were no less than 7 kestrels hunting over the marsh. I've never seen so many before in such a small area, I think they were hunting darters and dragon flies. To a cocker spaniel, a kestrel is just another duck, Jess missed one by inches thank goodness, defiantly ignoring the whistle as she clocked it dropping down from 50 yards away. I took the dogs back to the van and returned with the camera. I was having the normal fun and games with the D7000 auto focusing on anything but the kestrels diving, it really is a most infuriating camera to get top side of. The D700's far better but I'm back at 600mm not effectively 900mm with that body. The lens had the last laugh when the af motor went again. Its driving me nuts, its only been back from repair a couple of months and its gone exactly the same. I could pen my thoughts on it but I wont, however if you ever consider purchasing a sigma 120-300 F2.8 zoom, seek me out for my thoughts! I managed a few images of the kestrels but none worth shouting about. 8 weeks to go to Gambia and I'm having to ship the lens back to Sigma, mended or not I doubt it will be coming on the plane with me.

The lakes quietened down late afternoon and i decided to catch a carp or two. it was a perfect evening for floater fishing and the fish went crackers. In 90 minutes I caught 7 doubles to just under 18 pounds and missed no end of takes. The best floater session I've ever had to be honest in terms of action, and a great way to end the day. I wrapped up at 8pm, had my tea and a scotch whilst plotting how to afford a 500mm Nikon prime whilst avoiding divorce proceedings! 

One of 7 carp in 90 minutes, iphone picture despite 2 nikons in the van!

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